Creations in
Redwood, NY
Wooden Weapons
Mark Sears' top quality reproduction wooden weapons

The wooden weapons
pictured here match the
dimensions of real
weapons commonly
used in martial arts
making them ideal for
practice or
demonstrations without
the danger of a live

Made of sturdy American
Oak or Maple, these
pieces are custom
crafted to fit the grip of
the individual.
One of Mark Sears'
handcrafted training
weapons, pictured with
the original weapon.
Pictured above: Close-up of replica training spear and naganata.
Mark Sears has been an active member of the Kang Duk Kwon Karate
school in  Watertown, NY for over 35 years.  As a black belt and an
instructor, Mr. Sears understands that these weapons must not only look
good enough for performance demonstration, but also withstand the rigors of
long hours of practice.
Pictured right: A replica training spear and naganata.